Russian nouns in plural

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Learn to form Russian nouns in plural.

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перегово́ры [pee-ree-ga-vó-ry] Noun , plural
negotiations, talks
ганте́ли [gan-té-lee] Noun , plural
джи́нсы [dzhéen-sy] Noun , plural
шо́рты [shór-ty] Noun , plural
коньки́ [kan'-kée] Noun , plural
нали́чные [na-léech-ny-ye] Noun , plural
са́нки [sán-kee] Noun , plural
ва́ленки [vá-leen-kee] Noun , plural , singular - "ва́ленок"
felt boots
пельме́ни [peel'-myé-nee] Noun , plural
a dish of small pockets of dough filled with seasoned and minced meat
су́тки [sút-kee] Noun , plural
24 hours, day (and night)
кани́кулы [ka-née-ku-ly] Noun , plural
vacation, holidays, recess
щи [schee] Noun , plural
cabbage soup, sauerkraut soup
та́пки [táp-kee] Noun , plural , variation - та́почки, singular - та́пок
home shoes, slippers

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